Support The Prophetic Legacy of Abraham!

Support The Prophetic Legacy The month of Dhul Hijjah is all about the Prophetic Legacy of Ibrahim (AS) Known as the friend of Allah, the rituals of Hajj, the offering of qurbani and the building of the Kaaba are all connected with Ibrahim (AS). This is why iERA makes a special effort to convey the […]

The Eternal Challenge Workshop USA Tour

Imagine you’re at work, university or watching a documentary – you can’t help but feel that the Quran is being dismissed as irrational and incoherent: “The Quran was written by a man”, “The Quran copied the Bible”, and “The Quran has no evidence for its claims”.   You cannot answer these questions and you’re not […]

Global Coverage for iERA’s World Dawah Mission!

On Saturday 20 August 2016, iERA launched the ‘World Dawah Mission’ – the biggest dawah campaign in Islamic history that took place in more than 165 countries. Here’s the global media coverage World Dawah Mission received. Please read, watch and share the videos and articles!