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Our Model

Our work is based on calling people to a belief in One God (Tawheed) which helps to improve people on an individual level and thereby addresses issues in our wider society.


Motivation, Knowledge and Action

Through research and development, we aim to produce effective resources to empower Muslims as individuals and local communities to invite and inform people about Islam (dawah). Fundamentally, this works through inspiring everyday Muslims to have one-to-one conversations with people in their everyday lives. We empower people through a three-fold approach, Motivation, Knowledge and Action. The next stage is to effectively support and develop local groups and local leaders.

Regional Development

We have integrated plans with all the iERA departments this year, focusing on developing key cities/regions to a higher level of dawah

To achieve this, iERA has actively sought to put together a full-time team of specialists, each with specific skill sets, who can give the quality dedication and value that this task requires in the 21st century. Full-time employees and dedicated volunteers are what enable iERA to work towards empowering Muslim communities to effectively convey the true message of Islam.

This model will focus the iERA teams to develop the regions.

View our Regional Rollout Plan