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Through our brands we deliver ‘Motivation, Knowledge & Action’




– Advanced belief seminars on “The Eternal Challenge” and “The Divine Reality”, attended by over 1,300 people
– Advanced dawah courses via external institutes training over 2,000 people.
– Courses delivered worldwide in South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, UK, and Canada
100’s of talks and lectures aimed at university level students to deal with contemporary issues
– Over 75 advanced dawah webinars to 4,000 people
– 5 new essays on Islamic thought and related topics
– Surveys on contemporary issues affecting Muslims
– Challenged negative mainstream media, including C4 and BBC documentaries
– Produced a range of podcasts

The BIG Debates


– Over 30 debates held through ‘The Big Debates’ forums
– Engaged leading academics and atheists including Professor Lawrence Krauss, Professor Peter Simons, Dr Ed Buckner and others
– Courses and talks delivered around the world
– 100’s of talks and lectures aimed at university level students to deal with contemporary issues
– Many videos developed and posted on the web
– Produced a range of podcasts

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Mission Dawah


– Major Dawah Days incl. Olympic Dawah Campaign, Don’t Shoot the Messenger & GDD
– Dawah training internationally in over 17 countries.
– 72 UK Dawah Missions and 15 International Missions
– Helped mobilise over 100 dawah teams globally
– Advanced Dawah Training Workshops
– 100’s of Dawah Talks delivered
– 49 ‘Call of Duty’ Dawah Training Courses
– Developed a Pocket Dawah Manual
– Developed new Dawah Training Courses
– Appointed 8 Dawah Leaders across the UK
– Developed a mobile phone app to train in giving dawah
– 1 advanced dawah training retreat
– Held major conferences e.g. Seeds of Change

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Muslim Now


– Developed new Muslim education programmes – ‘Journey of Life’ and ‘Journey of the Believers’
– Held 6 x four day educational retreats for new Muslims
– 1,500 Welcome Packs to new Muslims
– A 13 week new Muslim development programme called ‘Step by Step’
– Regular monthly newsletters tailored and issued to new Muslims
– 15 uniquely themed webinars for new Muslims
– 13 new Muslim Mentoring courses (‘Now Ready to Grow’) for local communities
– Regular coaching to regional leaders on new Muslim training and development
– Developed a shahadah app to help track new Muslims progress

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One Reason


– Developed new innovative dawah books and leaflets, with 2.8m printed in the UK alone
– Printed and distributed over 45,000 Dawah Gift Boxes
– Led a major campaign around the Niqab, advertised in mainstream newspapers

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