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The Changing Face of Evolution – Darwinism 2.0


On Saturday 16th January 2016, Subboor Ahmad will be delivering the following presentation: ‘Darwinism 2.0: The Changing Face of Evolution’ at our upcoming workshop in Manchester.

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After attaining a degree in engineering, Subboor Ahmad is now studying the philosophy of biology. He will be speaking about the changes that have occurred in our understanding of Darwinism, as well as the key conceptual, sociological and philosophical issues currently alive in academia.

The main objective of this presentation is to give you an understanding of what Darwinian evolution is, and why it is not certain.

Although Muslims can accept it as a “working model”, and as the best explanation for the data that we currently have, there is no need to accept it as part of our creed or to insert it into our theological beliefs.

There is a difference between adopting theological beliefs based on certainty and ideas that are based on a method that does not lead to certainty. Muslim scholars and intellectuals have always known that God has the “picture” and we just have the “pixel”. Hence, for practical reasons, we accept the limited evidence we have accumulated, but if that evidence contradicts Islam it is to be rejected. Especially if that evidence is time bound, uncertain and subject to change.

Headlines such as “humans and chimps are 99% genetically similar”, “Almost Human: New Human Ancestor found”, “Common Ancestry confirmed by new experiment”, mislead the public into thinking Darwinian evolution is based on indisputable evidence, backed by a consensus amongst biologists. If anything, they are just filling in the details and fine tuning the Darwinian mechanism.

The reality is very far from this. In his presentation, Subboor Ahmad will cover examples of disagreement amongst biologists on core evolutionary issues.

There is a large unbridged gap between how evolutionary theory is pursued, and how it is perceived, which will be made clear on the day, insha’Allah.


SATURDAY 16 JANUARY 2016 | 10:00 – 19:00 | MANCHESTER