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Speakers Bureau terms and conditions

iERA Speakers typically appear before a wide range of audiences in many different venues in order to share our programs and results with the public. However, some conditions do apply:

Speakers Terms And Conditions

Travel and accommodation:

All travel expenses incurred by iERA en route to the event must be paid for by the inviting organisation. In case of car travel, such costs are calculated on the basis of estimated miles travelled from the iERA head office or the host’s residence as appropriate, to the address of the inviting organisation. Each mile travelled will be charged at £0.45. Should the estimated distance exceed 120 miles, provision should be made for overnight stay at a reputable hotel.

Car parking facilities for the Speaker:

The inviting organisation is responsible for arranging suitable parking facilities for the Speaker. If parking is not available, any costs incurred will be covered by the inviting organisation.

iERA presentation and fundraising:

If required, the Speaker will be given adequate time by the inviting organisation to present and fundraise for iERA. The Speaker will not fundraise for any organisation except iERA.

Payment method:

The only method of payment is by internet bank transfer. The payment will be made using the reference number iERA provide; if this reference number is not used iERA cannot recognise or accept the payment.

Booking confirmation:

The booking will only be confirmed when the payment has been received by iERA from the inviting organisation. This payment needs to be made within 5 working days of receiving the invoice from iERA.

Unforeseen circumstances:

After your booking has been confirmed by iERA, in case iERA faces any emergency or unforeseen circumstances, a full refund of all money paid can be offered upon request. In this unlikely situation, iERA will endeavour to find a replacement Speaker.

Cancelling or changing your confirmed booking:

If the inviting organisation happens to make changes to the event time, location or date, this may invalidate the booking. Any changes must be agreed with the Speakers Booking Coordinator. The inviting organisation must notify iERA immediately if the event has been cancelled and will be liable for any hotel or travel arrangements made before.

Preparation team:

It is the inviting organisations responsibility to be professional in conduct, ensuring that all arrangements are in place for the lecture to start on time, insha’Allah.

Event communication:

Ensuring the communication of the event is the responsibility of the inviting organisation, except if agreed otherwise. A soft copy of the poster and/or flyer is to be sent to iERA prior sending to print. The event should not be iERA branded and iERA will not promote any event unless previously agreed. Should you wish to use the iERA logo or branding, please contact the Speakers Booking Coordinator.

Attendees data:

The inviting organisation will provide iERA with an electronic copy of the attendee’s data collected.

Audio and video recording:

If the inviting organisation is recording the event, iERA will be eligible to have a copy of the recording which iERA may edit and use for future dawah activities.

iERA is happy to negotiate terms and conditions upon written request.