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The Eternal Challenge Workshop USA Tour

The Eternal Challenge Workshop USA Tour

The Eternal Challenge: The Limits Of Science And The Miracles Of The Qur’an

Imagine you’re at work, university or watching a documentary – you can’t help but feel that the Quran is being dismissed as irrational and incoherent:

  • “The Quran is an old book full of myths”,
  • “The Quran is inaccurate”,
  • “The Quran contains mistakes”,
  • “The Quran was written by a man”,
  • “The Quran copied the Bible”, and
  • “The Quran has no evidence for its claims”.

    You cannot answer these questions and you’re not happy with what you find on the internet. So what do you do?

    The Eternal Challenge: The Limits of Science and the Linguistic Miracle of the Qur’an is a one-day Islamic thought workshop designed to empower you with the right tools and concepts to successfully articulate the linguistic miracle of the Quran and to be able to reconcile and understand revelation in our age of science.

    • Is science the only way to truth?
    • How do we understand science and revelation?
    • What is a miracle?
    • What is the intellectual challenge of the Quran?
    • How do we respond to academic, orientalist and popular objections?
    • What makes the Quran a linguistic miracle?
    • What are the philosophical implications?
    • How do we articulate the miracle to non-Arabs?
    • What was the impact of the Quran?
    • How does the Quran reveal lost knowledge?
    • What is the Quran’s unique structure?
    • How do we reflect on the Quran?
    • How do we reconcile science and the Quran?

    In summary, The Eternal Challenge is an interactive workshop giving you the skills to articulate a positive case for the Quran in an age of science & reason.

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    What You Will Learn

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    1. The scientific method and the philosophy of science
    2. The Qur’an Defined
    3. The Challenge
    4. The Unique Structure, Style and Content of the Qur’an
    5. Explaining the Qur’an’s Linguistic Miracle to a non-Arab
    6. Impact on Society
    7. Qur’anic Reflections & The Orthodox Approach in Explaining Natural Phenomena
    8. Contentions
    9. The Argument Simplified

    Meet Your Instructor

    Fahad Tasleem

    all-in-one_fahad-tasleemFahad Tasleem plays a multifaceted role as an instructor, an entrepreneur, a lecturer, a researcher and a student.   He is the founder of DC Seminary, an organization whose mission is to empower people to achieve balance in their spiritual, professional and family lives.  In addition, Fahad serves as the lead instructor iERA North America along with being an adjunct professor at various other universities and colleges.

    His areas of interest include Islamic Theology, Dawah, History, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Quranic Studies.  Fahad studied Arabic at Georgetown University and the University of Texas at Austin and he holds a bachelors in Economics from Michigan State University and a Masters in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California.

    Hamza Tzortzis

    all-in-one_hamza-tzortzisHamza Andreas Tzortzis is an international public speaker on Islam, a writer, lecturer, instructor and researcher. Hamza has completed his first book on Islam and atheism which should be published in 2016.

    Hamza delivers workshops, seminars and courses on the foundations of Islamic thought. He is an instructor for iERA and AlKauthar Institute. Hamza has also delivered a diploma course on the intellectual foundations of Islam. He has delivered bespoke workshops for students at the Islamic University of Medina, Qalam Institute and many other institutions.

    Hamza is currently a postgraduate student studying philosophy.

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