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Failed Hypothesis? Islam, The Qur’an & Science


On Saturday 12th December 2015, iERA will be hosting a one day conference on the beauty of science, it’s scope, limitations and philosophy.

The day will include presentations on how Islam encourages scientific enquiry, that Darwinism is not a problem for Muslims, and how the key assumptions of science require God’s existence.

There will also be an exclusive presentation on the fact that there are no scientific miracles in the Qur’an, and it will present a new and more robust approach in reconciling science and revelation.

Topics to be covered:

1. The Method: What is science?
2. Lost Legacy: Islam’s Influence on Modern Science
3. Revisable: The Limitations and Problems with Science
4. Darwinism 2.0: The Changing Face of Evolution
5. Designed to Discover: How The Key Assumptions of Science Need God
6. The Failed Hypothesis: A New Approach in Understand The Qur’an and Science
7. The Results: A Reasonable Conclusion


We will also be publishing our new book; “Failed Hypothesis? Islam, The Qur’an & Science”. Register your interest below to receive an update as soon as it’s available for order and download.